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Healthier Air Begins In Our Home

Oxion was founded on the firm belief that clean air should be accessible to every household.

The poor quality of our breathing air and the experience of the current pandemic have forever forged our passion to make the best air purifier possible. Our endeavor to understand the effects air-borne pathogens have on our health is a major concern to us, we believe that using the highest quality materials available will provide the absolute best alternative for your home’s air purification needs -- and out of the science, our name is born.

So what's an Oxion?

An Oxion pertains to a subatomic particle of low mass and energy that is postulated to exist because of certain properties of a strong force or element as found in our breathing air. The visual below is a representation that illustrates how the Oxion air purifier kills these harmful particles in order to provide your home with allergen-free air.